monthly archives: ottobre 2009

some red …

… some green

we made a long and relaxing walk yesterday
it was lighty and warm, perfect to explore autumn woods

nice illustrations of jason holley via the lumper

yesterday went to visit my parents

  1. chestnuts found in a small wood
  2. apple form verzegnis
  3. winter rose
  4. autumn woods near the river
  5. old ivy in the garden of a friend
  6. it is not my party but it is time to give an help
  7. my uncle gave me his polaroid just to try :)


I am so glad to receive first comments on the new blog – thank you!

nathalie: our messages went on crossing – anyway you are always welcome :)
camilla: happy to meet you here and thank you for your kind comment (…ciao morran!)
chiara: benvenuta sul nuovo blog –  a presto!


add a new page to the blog – you can find it in the sidebar
I called it VOICES and it is a space where you can leave comments and opinions
hope to read you soon

un gioco borghese / questo è un dolore privato
a middle-class game / this is a deprived-private pain
(in italian private and deprived can be expressed by a unique word)

right click to enlarge

at home in a rainy day / some shots of these autumn hours
and a nice music (happy that david sylvian left to use too much glitch)