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I like this call for submissions of UPPERCASE MAGAZINE about candy wrappings

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like dust on a charming dress…

…or like rust on a charming dress?

Field Guide to Style & Color 2007
374 page book

This piece is a fullsize reproduction of the entire 2007 IKEA catalogue, leaving only color and structure.

With an estimated 175 million copies distributed in 2006, the IKEA catalogue is thought to have surpassed the Bible as the most published print-work in the world. This group of three projects (374 Farben, Field Guide to Style & Color, and Catalogue) transforms that ubiquity of design into varied pure color arrangements.

more technical notes on artist website

chill came too fast and body still have to get accustomed to low temperatures /
this sudden season change did not help my mood …

  1. on kitchen desk
  2. old teapot with zara fancy knob
  3. this is apples season
  4. at the flea market past sunday I bought a book of  vernacular poems of novella cantarutti / didn’t know she died on 20th of september :-(
  5. also bought a pair of old wooden frames with passepartout
  6. yes – two nice and simple frames

my body is sinking during a party / detail – while working to the complete one

left old blog with a bycicle ride and I am back again with some shots from a short trip of mine, the last day of summer before sudden chill came / went to visit a flea market near a school where I tought in 2008 / it has been a nice ride

put some poladroid-s on my flickr some days ago – here is a small selection

still have to find the right size for pictures in the new blog
(even if this template doesn’t create any trouble about)