monthly archives: novembre 2009

in italy we have the best olive oil ever
and when I am a little down for any reason, use my personal remedy …

days ago took from my parents home an old beloved print
a photo taken by a friend in the cintra castle (castelo dos mouros) during the period we were living in lisbon

a new cafè has recently opened very close to where I live
it is quiet and pleasant, with a couple of old armchair in a corner, books on the shelves, and a good selection of equal exchange teas
took some few photos while having breakfast
this bar is part of a local circuit and also have a website with some nice music, all in coffee theme/ link

then I had a short walk to test new lens with film camera
still find some autumn colors here around – warm and intense, they detach on grey


link: like so much this bike!

per ricordare roberto sasso
una delle voci di stereonotte che seppero accompagnare e affascinare migliaia di noi

gli studenti di architettura dormono poco per tradizione, si sa,  e trascorrono le notti a disegnare
la radio perciò rappresenta una grandissima compagnia ed aiuta a mantenersi svegli e lucidi
anche per questo credo, ho potuto conservare un così vivido ricordo di quelle trasmissioni:
il cerchio di luce sul tavolo e la musica della radio – un tempo senza tv nè cellulari
fuori la città che dorme


battiti / 23 11 2009 – dedicato a roberto sasso


to remember roberto sasso
one of special voices of stereonotte, italian radio program that pleased and emotioned lots of us

thank you

printing & cutting  some greeting cards for friends – will send them next week
photos are not so good, but colors of the prints are exactly as I intended :)

self made christmas cards:
paper 400 g double layer, white smooth  – size 14 x 20 cm  (the back is completely white)
also made some folded one (200 g heavy)
if someone is interested in these sizes instead of shop ones, please drop me a line as soonest as possible

it’s raining
to test a new music player I chose some songs to listen during a rainy autumn day like this, when light is low and grey and people don’t talk too much

so – this is the first playlist of the new blog
here it is / hope you enjoy

01. just another day – brian eno
02. if I only had a brain – elvis costello & bill frisell
03. I saw nick drake – robyn hitchcock
04. place to be – nick drake
05. may you never – john martyn
06. love vigilantes – iron & wine
07. breakdown – jack johnson
08. angeles – elliott smith
09. poses – rufus wainwright
10. john wayne gacy jr – sufjan stevens

in italia, when a woman uses to wear lots of jewels and fancy ornaments we say:
she looks like a christmas tree
how do you express it in your language and country?

anyway – this idiomatic expression inspired my last 2009 christmas cards
(from now on I will put my head in other)
will print them in the afternoon to send in time
these two will not go to the shop – they are just for my personal use or direct sale


absurd eighties: last christmas by the wham – the kingdom of inconsistence :)