monthly archives: dicembre 2009

best wishes for the new year coming
should say something about this passage but the day is dark and I have a long agenda actually
hope in a better time for everybody

some of my recent time:
an old movie
a very light lunch
3 gould cd-s and a book I read last year at this time – all borrowed by the public library
camilla made me a special present :)


sono d’accordo con te
resistenza – ci vuole resistenza
(ma è più facile dirlo che farlo)
ps / la tua biancaneve … mitica :)

my grandma was a very complex woman and she lived a strange life
suppose I inherited from her my interest in dresses and tailoring
as a young lady she worked in a factory as a dress decorator
then she married and made six babies …

when I was a child she spent lots of hours with me
together tracing lines and lines on small pieces of paper

dedicated to my grandmother – she died 105 in 2003
sometimes like to think about the mistery she has always been to me

silvia bre – marmo
tarkowskij – nostalghia
pencil on moleskine – 2004


ci dobbiamo mescolare
i cosiddetti sani  e i cosiddetti ammalati

sono proprio i cosiddetti sani
che hanno portato il mondo sull’orlo della catastrofe!

addio a carlo sgorlon

well (well?) – christmas is finally over
spent eve in bed with flu and woke up on 25th morning very weak, to give presents and gifts to my parents / left in the afternoon from a small local train station, on a dirty and uncomfortable desert vagon – carrying with me some small presents (some food from my mum and a perfumed soap, a nice jersey from my aunt, an handmade chaplet from d&l)
while having christmas lunch with my family, italy was flooded by an uninterrupted rain that caused ground collapses almost everywhere / entire villages had to be evacuated
some people definetly lost their houses
somewhere an entire village has been devastated by mud and water and all new houses moved downstream, while the medieval area resisted well, arising on a solid rock: as almost everywhere, ancient wisdom has been killed by commercial laws /
even internet is yet merely based on money and almost nothing that we do is for free
we try to gain money from each single sign, from each loop-stitch, and we are forgiving that a very big size of the world is excluded from any kind of shopping /
on 24th, during the hours I spent with fever in my childhood bed, read a small booklet I bought from a net known publisher / it is a sort of glossary made by discursive descriptions of animals / lot of them are taken from editor blog, while others have been written by people I ignore (the book is anonimous) / after reading, even apriciating some of the unusual descriptions, thought immediately that until some yers ago, this small book should have been used as an editorial gift, or as an article in a magazine, and not as a unique editorial product for sale / not enough substance, undefined and not precisely curated, a contemporary provisionality that can be apriciated in a literary sense, but that shouldn’t have a concrete value / efemera – we are actually pricing and gadgeting everything!

note1: in the magical night of snow we experienced last week, 42 poor people living in the street died in poland for chill… but I still go on in publishin delightful scenes of a snowy park and a glowing christmas

note2: it is not just the social and real aspect of life that I miss, reading the most part of the blogs I daily attend to, but also a more intimate exposition of thoughts and sensations, a more evident endangerment / we are submerged by decorative details but the sentiment is so rare and preserved from passing out

  1. mountains under the rain (24th)
  2. my uncle christmas tree (24th)
  3. coming back home with a desert dirty train (25 th)
  4. in my bedroom: my grandma mini christmas tree and a portrait of my mum as a teen (25th)
  5. the chaplet of d. and l. made with bothanical finds of local woods (25th)
  6. love this candle – santa lose an arm in years (24th)
  7. post-christmas breakfast and my grandma cup on a zara silver decorated plate (26th)