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while the season goes a new book cover with one of my dresses

├ęditions marchand de feuilles


take advantage of my actual unemployment to update my anobii account (endless revision!)

realize that the blog traffic immediately collapses if I don’t publish something graphical or appealing
I am sorry
someone can say that is vacation time – but don’t think this is the reason of actual desert
everyday I tell to myself that it could be more and more easy to apply on some decorative works
I could sell them better and maybe have a huger fan club ;-)

anyway – we had a cold but sunny weekend – made a bike ride to go to buy some new book (1-2)
then, today we had a couple of hours of snow and took some pictures in the backyard
(meanwhile I am going on in having breakfast in christmas self-designed pottery)
the silver portable ash-try is a present that a dear friend of mine bought me while at university
now I keep it open sometimes and use for recollecting scobs from pencils :)


asylum / very strong pictures of chris payne from some us mental hospitals

  1. book cover
  2. breezeway – taunton state hospital – MA
  3. autopsy theater – st. elizabeth’s hospital
  4. gurney – south carolina state hospital – SC


Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals

introduction by Oliver Sacks
MIT Press (September 2009)
11 3/4 x 10 1/4, 216 pp.
111 color photographs
69 duotone photographs
61 illustrations

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