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wish you all a subversive christmas time


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trying to make my shop working – I still have some troubles with taxes fees (and if someone could help me it should be really great)
but finally made my postcard selection and here they are

kit 1 – christmas trees (4 simple cards)
kit 2 – christmas fade (2 simple cards and 2 folded ones)
kit 3 – color set (6 simple cards)
kit 4 – softone set (6 simple cards)

each card 13.5 x 19.5 cm
printed on 400g white smooth paper


working at new christmas cards
soon in the shop




here are 8 postcards (size 20 x 14 cm – double layered smooth white paper – 400 g )
I would like to choose 4 of them to form a pack for sale
how is your favourite quartet?

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thank you to olivia and nathalie and luciana that already left their kind opinion on the voices page

1 – 2

3 – 4

5 – 6

7 – 8

reading about some books she is going to afford in the next time I realize that this year has been poor in lectures but the few I made have been almost special / hope to recuperate during christmas days, while at my parents

this morning printed some postcards in a big size to arrange a set  for sale
made 8 different prints but still don’t have decided which 4 will be chosen
next post will show you better – will you please tell me the 4 you like more?

and more on my table, about some swap
I am getting older:  when I make some cut works have to take off my glasses


wrote you some lines about your words and you will receive them in some days
anyway – suppose it is a question of personal conscience and not exactly of beauty itself
beauty that doesn’t carry some truth inside is just an empty ornament
and truth is a very complicated affair, not always so pleasant, to be lived as to be described

know very well the long hot summer in the original with paul newman, but even if I like it pretty much don’t find so much analogies with bobby long / they are both very special movies, anyway
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